There’s not a lot of earthshaking innovation here — except possibly how little the Lumo shakes the Earth. At just 3.9 pounds, this durable hardshell case is the lightest carry-on I’ve had the pleasure to pick up. The double-coil zipper is idiot-proof and the shoe bag, toiletry pouch and TSA lock that are included are handy touches. The single-post telescoping handle takes up less space inside the bag. If there’s even a slight chance you might check this bag, get a color other than yellow (mustard); the conveyor belts leave marks. (Note: At 9.5 inches deep, the small is half an inch over the dimensions for most U.S. air carriers, although there’s no way to overpack the hardshell case, so it should fit most bag sizers.)

Vitals: Also comes in medium (26 inches) and large (30 inches), in yellow, red, blue and gray; small is $219 at